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August 30, 2022
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August 30, 2022


Online banking is one of the most popular ways to conduct financial transactions today. This is because it offers convenience, speed, and security. It also allows customers to manage their finances from anywhere in the world.

An increasing number of people are using online services for a variety of reasons: they find them convenient, fast, and secure; they can access their accounts from any device; and they can transfer funds quickly and easily between different banks or financial institutions

There is an increase in the use of technology-based solutions in this sector. This is due to the benefits that these solutions offer, such as efficiency and cost savings.

DevOps practices are being applied in the mentioned sector, which is a positive trend. It is incorporating new technology to increase reliablility. This will help ensure that customers have a safe and efficient experience when using the services.

Cloud computing is becoming more popular due to its many benefits. These include the ability to store data on remote servers, which makes it easier to access and manage; the fact that cloud-based applications can be quickly deployed; and the reduced cost of using these services.

Why Cloud Computing

There are four main cloud service providers in the market: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and IBM. These providers offer a variety of services to their customers as they can choose which provider best suits their needs.

Many banks use a cloud provider to solve data center problems. On-premise data centers are becoming less feasible due to cost and space constraints. Cloud computing is helping overcome some of the challenges today, such as managing data and providing a more secure environment.

So, lets look into the key findings of cloud built solutions.

Banking Regulations

Banks must comply with a lot of regulations in order to maintain their data centers. This includes ensuring that the facilities are properly maintained and that the data is secure; Moreover, they must adhere to a variety of standards in order to maintain compliance with business practices. Major cloud solutions providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) have dedicated compliance centers for inputing relevant data.


Banks are frequently subject to outages that can last for days, rather than hours or even minutes. The entities need to make changes to their system architecture in order to reduce their downtime. Cloud computing is a popular technology that helps them to build well-built architectures that increase reliability and reduce downtime.


Cyber criminals typically target these entities because they are the most obvious targets. Cloud computing solutions rely on a variety of tools to protect data and its accessibility. The customers’ data is made reliable through solutions that provide identity management, detective control, infrastructure security, data protection and incident response.

Cost effectiveness

Migrating to a cloud infrastructure is simple and economical where you easily reduce costs by using a cloud provider. The IT teams within the setup can quickly innovate by testing and deploying new ideas, they will be relieved from people management and administrative issues as automation will make things easier. Cloud migration is a common process for many, as it can be done quickly and securely with simplicity.


Many fintech startups continue to rise due to the inefficiencies of traditional financial systems. These startups are able to offer more convenient and efficient ways of doing business, which can lead to increased customer adoption and a stronger financial sector overall. Fintech startups are using DevOps practices in order to improve their efficiency and ensure that their products are always up-to-date.

DevOps is a software development process that takes into account how to combine the roles of developers, testers, and operators. By adopting DevOps practices, it can improve their customer experience by using cloud computing solutions.  The development and operations team can work together to reduce the workloads for teams that are not skilled enough to handle them, as cloud-based solutions can be used as templates.

Case Studies using Cloud built solutions

Godrej Housing Finance

They were able to achieve faster time to market and fuel innovation on Amazon Web Services (AWS) by using a custom development platform. This helped the company speed up its product releases and improve customer experience.  They used several other cloud services and notably AWS Lambda for serverless code to ensure compliance with data privacy rules.

Atom bank

Google Cloud has built a new banking stack for Atom bank that is designed for security, scalability, and a seamless customer experience. They used several other cloud services,by using Google Kubernetes Engine the event of an incident, is notified and quick action is taken to prevent it from becoming a problem.

An opportunity to learn DevOps and Cloud Computing

Higher educational institutions are not providing enough vocational-based programs to meet the needs of the changing job market. Many professionals and students in various disciplines are looking for ways to get more experience with emerging technologies, like DevOps and Cloud Computing.

The future of work is characterized by rapidly evolving technology that is constantly digitizing. Cyber security is a complex and rapidly evolving field that requires knowledge in machine learning and data science. Without these skills, you will have difficulty succeeding in this field.

All the latest technologies are incorporated into an economically efficient state of the art self study platform, which is helpful for students and professionals in any field to attain a high paying job.

LinkedIn is a social media site where professionals can post job openings and search for jobs that match their skills and interests. According to LinkedIn, there are more than 306000 jobs globally related to DevOps. Many high-paying jobs require the same level of hands-on expertise as taught on this platform. Since all of the study tracks offered here have a LinkedIn course, you can use it effectively for your research and professional networking.

IELTS is a common international English language testing program that allows students to improve their English skills. It is also integrated into the coursework so that you can continue learning and expanding your vocabulary while abroad in the United Kingdom or European Union.

Migration to the United Kingdom is on the rise, with students who obtain a degree from there typically receiving a two-year work visa upon graduation. The skills you need to do a field-oriented job are essential for success.


Cloud computing and DevOps are helping companies overcome some of the challenges posed by COVID-19. This demand for experts in the field has sparked a need for training and education programs to help employees learn about this new technology.

Studying this can be an excellent way to gain global mobility as it will help develop global skills and connections that are essential for success in today’s competitive economy.

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